Video Gallery

DIY House Tips

Concrete Crack Repair

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Concrete Crack Repair
(1m 17s)

Flushing a Water Heater

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Flushing a Water Heater
(1m 29s)

Garage Door Maintenance

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Garage Door Maintenance
(1m 33s)

GFCI Outlets

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: GFCI Outlets
(2m 10s)

Nail Pops

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Nail Pops
(1m 31s)

Shutoff Valves

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Shutoff Valves
(2m 11s)

Stuck Door Latch

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Stuck Door Latch

Unclogging a Slow Drain

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Unclogging a Slow Drain

Handy Tips

In this Oakwood Homes DIY series, we show you quick tips for making home maintenance and organization easy.

Screen Replacement

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Screen Replacement
(1m 12s)

Hard Water Deposits

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Hard Water Deposits

Finding a Stud

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Finding a Stud
(1m 35s)

Replacing Weather Stripping

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Replacing Weather Stripping
(1m 27s)

Checking a Toilet Flapper

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Checking a Toilet Flapper

Replacing A Toilet Flapper

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Replacing a Toilet Flapper
(1m 41s)

Repairing a Medium Drywall Hole

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Repairing a medium Drywall Hole
(1m 34s)

Preparing to Paint

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Prepping to Paint
(1m 39s)

Installing a Hinge Pin Door Stop

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Installing a Hinge Pin Door Stop
(1m 19s)

Garbage Disposal Jams

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: Garbage Disposal Jams
(1m 3s)

AC Condenser Maintenance

Oakwood Homes DIY Tip: AC Condenser Maintenance
(1m 14s)

Community Videos

The Towns at Oak Crest

(1m 45s)

Reunion's Red, White & Bluefest

A recap of Reunion's event on June 23, 2018.
(3m 18s)

Bungalows Sizzle

(1m 19s)

Carriage House Sizzle

(1m 19s)

Overlook Sizzle

(1m 31s)

Park House Collection Sizzle

(1m 32s)

Westridge Townhomes Sizzle

(1m 26s)

The Enclave at Green ValleyRanch

Here's a sneak peak at The Enclave, a new community coming soon to Green Valley Ranch.
(2m 4s)

When You're Here You'll Know It

You'll love living here and being a part of the Banning Lewis Ranch community!
(1m 51s)

Southpoint Oakwood Homes of Utah

Oakwood Homes new American Fork community, Southpoint.
(2m 33s)

Parkhouse at Rosecrest Meadows Oakwood Homes of Utah

New community in Herriman, Utah by Oakwood Homes of Utah.
(3m 2s)

Avenues at the Station by Oakwood Homes

Avenues at the Station by Oakwood Homes is located in the neighborhood next to Station Park, Davis County’s premier shopping destination. Enjoy urban flare and low/no maintenance living. Select from townhome and single-family-home floorplans, all featuring stylish contemporary design, 2-car garages, and plentiful windows for abundant natural light. This community also includes a pool and pool house close to Front Runner Station and Rio Grand Trail.
(3m 4s)

Banning Lewis Ranch

With homes for sale from the $200s to the mid $400s in Banning Lewis Ranch, Oakwood Homes offers quality, luxury homes at affordable costs in Colorado Springs.
(2m 25s)

Oakwood Homes Tivoli Gardens

(1m 51s)

Oakwood Homes South Point

American Fork, UT
(1m 43s)

Oakwood Homes Mayers Meadow

Introduction to Mayers Meadow in Heber City, UT
(1m 54s)

Oakwood Homes Parkhouse at Rosecrest Meadows

An introduction to Parkhouse at Rosecrest Meadows in Herriman, UT
(1m 56s)